Masks! Masks! Masks!

COVID19 Masks mental health

Its a time to pull together and help each other out in these worrying and quite frankly strange times. Never have we been in such a war with the unknown, COVID-19 has managed to infiltrate and touch every corner and nook and cranny of society, commerce, country, creed and just about everything else. It knows no bounds of race, colour, age, or wealth, but it does target those less fortunate in health.

My shop was closed by Law here in France on 15 March and still as l write today,  President Macron has declared another 4 weeks total lock down, taking us to 11 May 2020.
Its been a tough time for most, either financially, mentally physically emotionally... and l am not immune.
l contacted my Maire and offered to make masks, free for the community, in a small bit to help protect the elderly and most vulnerable. The masks, although not a total guard against virus or droplets, at least give peace of mind. To read my latest mailshot, click below.



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