What's in your subscription box? 

Everything you need to create fabulous gifts and learn new sewing skills, all in a subscription box right to your door. Learn new craft skills in the comfort of your own home with a full written and photographic tutorial, a complete kit with the materials and things you need in a box. Great for you, your well being and for all the family. 

How does your Subscription Box Work?

It's easy!!! You simply order online below. Choose the length of time you would like the craft subscription kit to last. One off month, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Wait with anticipation each month for the arrival of your subscription box. Free delivery with Hermes throughout the UK

Rush to open your new box! Open it, enjoy it Create it

So, what exactly is inside?

  • All the fabrics and materials you need to create your project
  • Welcome card with details of the contents of your box
  • A certificate of completion just for you! - Why not collect all 12?
  • A surprise gift to pamper yourself - just for you!

What are my Subscription Options?





One month option for those who want to give a great gift. Only £30 each month.

Our most popular option, the 3 month option is discounted to just £25 per box for a total of £75 for three months. Get a different craft project each month.

Think big with the six-month option. Only £22 per box. 6 months for £132 Get a different box every month.

The ultimate 12 month subscription with a bonus 13th box free. Discounted to just £20 per box with a one-off payment of £240. Get a different exciting craft box every month.

The next boxes will be sent in :  

Are you an Instagram Influencer?

  • Do you have a blog about crafts and design?
  • Want to share fabulous products with your community?  
  •  Are you passionate about traditional skills? 
  • Do you like to share and teach the craft and its value for well-being?