How to Craft Box

All you need to create fabulous gifts and learn new skills all in a box directly to your door.

Learn new skills from the comfort of your home with a full written and photographic tutorial, complete kit with the materials and things you need in a box.

Great for you, your well being and keeping skills alive.

How it works

Its easy!!! You simply order online below. Choose length of craft subscription kit you would like.A choice of one off, 3, 6 or 12 months.

Wait with anticipation each month as your subscription box arrives.
Free postage within France through Mondial Relay.

The excitement when you receive your box! 
Open it,
Enjoy it
Create it.

What's inside?

  • All the fabric and materials you need to create your project
  • Pins, needles, thread
  • Full written and picture tutorial
  • Welcome card with details of the contents of your box
  • A certificate of completions just for you! - Why not collect all 12?
  • A self care surprise gift - Just for you!

What are the Subscription Choices ?





One Month Gift option for the those wanting to give the ultimate gift.
Just 30€ a month.

3 Month option which is our most popular, 
Discounted rate of only 25€ a box.
One of payment of 75€.
Get a different box for 3 consecutive months.

Go large with a six month plan.  
Just 22€ a box.
6 months for 132€
Get a different box for 6 consecutive months.

The ultimate subscription of 12 different months. (Bonus get a free 1 month box on the 13th month.) 
Discounted at just 20€
One off payment of  240€
Get a different box for 12 consecutive months.

The Next Boxes are Shipped in: 

Are you an Instagram Influencer?

  • Do you blog about crafting and creating?
  • Are you passionate about traditional skills? 
  •  Do you love sharing and teaching crafting and it's value for well being?
  • Do you want to share some fabulous products with your community?