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Joystic, hotrod, Percy, pecker, knob, member, willy or todger?

Updated: Apr 23, 2023

There are many names we give to the beloved penis, and why not? At the time of writing, the worlds population of just over 50%, some 3.67Billion, has one. so why is soo taboo? The fascination with the old John Thomas dates back to the dawn of time, and many a fascination with every school boy i'm sure.

As it turns out, nearly 73% of mem have a pet name for their manhood, so, not surprisingly, As Austin Powers proved, there are a dizzying number of names attributed as pet names to the faithful friend

In shameful celebration of the wee willy winkie or monstrous member I can bring you "the Schlong"

Apparently these bratwurst come in all shapes and sizes,...... (so I've been told), and in the interests of inclusivity, the beloved love muscle has been created in steel, bronze and copper and for the more bold of you, .........sizes mini-me & Zeus

What do you call yours?

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