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Full persian necklace with large ring feature and dangly marble bead

Persian Weave Necklace with Ring and Dangle Grey Marble Bead


Elevate your jewellery collection with our stunning Persian Weave Necklace with feature Ring and Dangle Grey Marble Bead. Skillfully handmade using the ancient chain maille technique, this necklace exudes a timeless elegance and makes a powerful statement wherever you go. The dangle grey marble bead adds a touch of sophistication, and the steel construction ensures durability for years to come. This exquisite piece is perfect for those who appreciate the artistry of Persian weave and desire a statement necklace that will withstand the test of time. Whether worn alone or layered with other pieces, this necklace is sure to become a treasured favorite in your collection.


    Material: Stainless Steel 



    This bracelet comes in a beautiful white card branded jewellery box

  • Why Choose Stainless Steel?

    Stainless steel is incredibly strong and durable and does not tarnish like other jewellery metals.

    It can be worn without wear and tear and maintains an attractive smooth solid finish.

    Another great reason to choose stainless steel is that it is an excellent material for those with sensitive skin or metal allergies.

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