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10 Things you didn't know about Chain maille Jewellery

Handmade chain maille steel necklaces are a form of jewellery that involves meticulously weaving together individual metal rings to create intricate patterns and designs. Chain maille, historically used as a type of armour, has evolved into a popular art form for creating various pieces of jewellery, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Here's a general overview of the process and some key points to consider:

1. Materials:

Steel rings are the primary material for creating chain maille necklaces. These rings can be made from different types of steel, each with its own appearance and properties. Some common steel options include stainless steel, mild steel, and galvanized steel.

2. Ring Size and Gauge:

The size (diameter) and gauge (thickness) of the rings are crucial factors in determining the final look and feel of the necklace. Different ring sizes and gauges can be combined to achieve various patterns and textures

3. Weaving Techniques:

There are numerous weaving techniques and patterns used in chain maille jewellery. Some popular techniques include Byzantine, European 4-in-1, Japanese 6-in-1, and Dragonscale. Each technique creates a distinct visual effect.

4. Tools:

Creating chain maille jewellery requires specific tools such as pliers (needle-nose and flat-nose) for opening and closing rings, cutters for trimming excess rings, and mandrels for shaping and sizing the rings.

5. Design and Creativity:

Chain maille offers a wide range of design possibilities. Artists can experiment with different patterns, colours, and combinations of materials to create unique and personalized pieces.

6. Comfort and Weight:

Steel chain maille necklaces can be relatively heavy due to the metal's density. This weight might affect comfort when worn, especially for extended periods. Design choices, like the choice of weave and ring size, can influence the overall weight and drape of the piece.

7. Care and Maintenance:

Steel jewellery can be prone to rust or tarnish, depending on the type of steel used. Proper care, such as avoiding exposure to moisture and storing the jewellery in a dry environment, can help maintain its appearance.

8. Customization:

Handmade chain maille steel necklaces offer the opportunity for customization. Artists can create pieces to match a specific theme, colour scheme, or personal style.

9. Pricing:

The price of handmade chain maille steel necklaces can vary widely based on factors such as the complexity of the weave, the quality of the materials, and the artist's reputation. These factors will influence the perceived value of the piece.

10. Market and Trends:

Handmade jewellery, including chain maille pieces, can find a market among individuals seeking unique, artisanal pieces. Online platforms like Etsy and craft fairs are common avenues for artisans to sell their creations.

Remember that creating chain maille jewellery requires patience, attention to detail, and practice. If you're interested in making your own chain maille steel necklaces, there are many tutorials, and guides here on this site: available online to help you get started.

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